Forts warfare is game inspired by simple flash games where we have 2 forts taking turns in shooting at each other. I tweaked the idea - added more cannons, with different types of ammo. Also forts can send waves of minions to attack each other. But the main improvement is what I call 'gravity hook'. It allows you to catch incoming bullets and send them back(or wherever you want - after beeing caught bullet circles around hook until it is released)


Use left joystick to manipulate gravity hook

Use D-pad to configure cannons during game. Each cannon has Power, Angle, Bullet type, and Autofire option. Navigate using left/right, change using up/down

O U Y A buttons are used when autofire is off. When cannon/minions finished buffering - you can fire using those buttons.

PC demo

Download now

PC demo uses mouse(for hook) and WSAD(to configure cannons and navigate through menu) as controllers. To fire cannons/send minions use 1 2 3 4 (you don't need to to this when autofire is ON).